B2B eCommerce Built for the needs of modern manufacturers

Empower your customers and team with the CSX eCommerce platform.

Empower your team and your customers

Say goodbye to inefficient and unproductive tasks. Welcome to a new way of doing business that will have your customers and team thanking you. The CSX eCommerce platform simplifies and streamlines your eCommerce business, so everyone is more productive and satisfied.

Manufacturing is evolving

The pandemic has given forward-thinking manufacturers new ways to diversify their sales strategy and grow business when supply chain shortages and shuttered resellers have created gaps in traditional sales channels. B2B manufacturers are leaning on eCommerce more than ever and it’s paying off in revenue growth and ROI.

Deliver better experiences

With the CSX eCommerce platform, you can give your customers and team faster, more intuitive ways to engage with your product information.

Increase Revenue

Use marketing and promotion tools that are integrated with your product catalog to grow sales with loyal customers as well acquire new ones.

Reduce inefficiency and costs

The pace of business has increased. It’s critical to ensure your sales team isn’t stuck doing tedious, mundane tasks. With our eCommerce software, they can focus their energy on building deeper relationships with clients so they can better help them and close more sales opportunities at the same time.

The right solution for your business

The right solution for one manufacturer may not be the best fit for another. Channel Software's CSX eCommerce suite is designed to handle the complex needs of manufacturers right out of the box. Our software is designed to make eCommerce management simple. We focus on core functionality, ease of use, the latest tools, and technology, scalability, stability, and flexibility to meet your unique requirements. All this will help you transform and accelerate eCommerce growth for your manufacturing business.

B2B eCommerce website

Help your channel partners and end-users take advantage of our modern B2B eCommerce website that provides integrated tools that allow them to make informed purchases more efficiently than ever before. Integrate with critical business systems including ERP, payment gateways, shipping interfaces, and more, without requiring third-party integration tools.

B2C capability

Enable customers to go directly to your website to research products and make purchases.

Mobile app

Customers can experience your eCommerce website directly from their mobile devices. They’ll have full access to your product catalog, tools, information, support resources, and customer service. Let them browse, research, compare, and purchase from their smartphone or tablet at any time, from anywhere.  Arm your sales team with the latest product information. Empower them to share rich and up-to-date product data and sales collateral directly from their phone.

B2C eCommerce

The pandemic has caused many manufacturing companies to re-evaluate their business models, and in response, they have opened up new channels for selling products. For example, with the CSX eCommerce platform, you can sell directly to end customers without having two websites.

Channel partner access

Channel partners are an integral part of your go-to-market strategy. With CSX eCommerce, you can give your partners the ability to quickly reorder stock supply, add new product lines, manage RMAs, and find product specs and information at any time.

Product showcase

With the CSX eCommerce platform, you can be in control of your product presentation. Give your products the exposure they deserve by adding high-quality images, descriptive product copy, collateral, and product information that will allow buyers to choose your brand.

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