B2B Consulting Services

Channel Software B2B Consulting Services

We help drive your eCommerce growth with proven strategies that delight customers and win business.

At Channel Software, we help our clients strategically plan and manage their eCommerce website digital experience.  We start by better understanding your customers to create a more memorable and rewarding user experience – from prospect awareness to customer retention and loyalty.

Our B2B consulting services go beyond just creating a robust, secure eCommerce website. By carefully planning and guiding your website visitors through a well-organized online customer journey, you will make them feel valued, better informed to ultimately increase orders, order sizes, and overall customer satisfaction.

B2B eCommerce Expertise

B2B eCommerce is transforming. Distribution and manufacturing buyers are moving online for a variety of reasons. Meeting these new challenges will help your business satisfy your buyers, help you grow sales, and give your sales team more time to connect with customers where it matters most. Our B2B eCommerce consulting services are designed to help you harness your online sales channel, now and in the future.

B2B eCommerce Strategy

B2B selling has shifted to a greater reliance on digital sales and your business must shift to meet the changing demands of your customers. Direct-to-customer sales growth has accelerated due to the pandemic, supply chain pressures, product mix changes and substitutions, product innovation, buyer demographic shifts, and more. We help businesses embrace this change and concentrate their B2B eCommerce sales channel on growth optimization and customer satisfaction.

First, we focus on your critical business goals and key performance indicators to increase utilization and deliver greater ROI from your eCommerce website. Next, we review and discuss your online marketing and eCommerce strategy to identify opportunities where we can help you improve your website traffic, product data, product content, and conversions.

Our B2B eCommerce strategy starts with a formal audit that focuses on the following areas:

  • Customer engagement strategy
  • Customer acquisition strategy
  • Customer retention strategy
  • Business technology stack and integrations
  • Website design and user experience
  • Mobile usability strategy
  • Order fulfillment

Finally, we work with you to develop a clear, structured plan that addresses the findings from our audit and a detailed implementation plan that sets your business on a course for success.

B2B Website Design

B2B eCommerce presents unique and complex challenges that can cause sleepless nights, unnecessary efforts, and wasted investments. Challenges may include product catalogs that are required to present different products and different pricing to different customers, special purchasing agreements with unique term limitations, purchasing through a PO, punch out ordering, and other specific requirements and functionality. To be blunt, most eCommerce website platforms are built with the logic to elegantly handle B2B buying processes. For over 20 years, Channel Software has designed and developed a sophisticated eCommerce website platform with proprietary logic and architecture purpose-built to help B2B distributors and manufacturers establish and grow their online sales channel.  We put this knowledge and expertise to work on your eCommerce website to ensure your investment delivers customers and strong ROI.

B2B Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Channel Software B2B SEO services help our distribution and manufacturing customers target the right buyers, grow their website traffic, and increase revenue. Pragmatic SEO strategy and implementation will set your eCommerce website up for long-term success. By scientifically targeting the visitors that you want to buy at your website, you will increase your website relevance to potential customers looking for your offered products and raise your website ranking in search engine results. We work with you to create performance-driven SEO plans to optimize your website for on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Website Merchandising

To get the most out of your eCommerce website, it is critical to utilize the power of your Product Information Management (PIM) software. Content is critical to what your prospects and customers are searching for onsite or through search engines. Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped distributors and manufacturers harness and use their product data to attract and convert B2B buyers. With our expertise, we can ensure your entire product catalog is delivering what your customers need throughout their shopping experience.

B2B Consulting Expansions

In addition to the disciplines above, we also guide and assist our B2B distribution and manufacturing clients with the following areas:

  • Digital marketing and paid search strategy
  • Lead generation strategy and plan development
  • Social media strategy and campaign development
  • Harnessing Google Data Studio dashboards
  • Conducting quarterly and annual eCommerce business reviews
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