B2B eCommerce Tailor-made for Distributors of all Types

Deliver a fast, streamlined buying experience for your distribution customers.

Are you meeting the complex needs of modern distribution customers?

B2B eCommerce has changed. Customers are adopting eCommerce as an everyday part of their business experience. Competitive pressures are only increasing to deliver a seamless buying experience. If your website is failing to deliver a modern, fast, responsive B2B eCommerce experience, you can afford to wait. The future of your business depends on an eCommerce website that is purpose-built for the complexities, rules, and dependencies required by wholesale distributors.

Deliver Better User Experiences

With a modern B2B eCommerce website that is specifically developed for the distribution industry, you can deliver impressive product content and a personalized shopping experience that makes searching and ordering fast and easy on any device, anywhere.

Drive Growth

When you deliver a website experience that is seamless, easy to navigate, and informative, you can drive consistent business growth through your online sales channel.

Lower costs and improve efficiency

Investing in an advanced B2B eCommerce experience will empower your sales team and allow them to be more efficient. They'll spend their time fostering customer relationships, not typing up orders or handling manual, repetitive tasks.

Increase Revenue

Boost sales with your loyal customers and acquire new ones by using marketing tools that seamlessly integrate with your eCommerce website.

Transform your Distribution Business

Channel Software's CSX eCommerce suite is designed to meet the needs of any distributor, regardless of industry or vertical. Designed and developed with powerful built-in functionality, integration logic, ease of use, and ironclad stability all in one package, we have everything your distribution business needs for eCommerce success.

The CSX eCommerce platform is designed to help you transform and accelerate eCommerce growth for your business.

B2B eCommerce Website

The CSX eCommerce platform offers a complete B2B-focused experience to ensure your company keeps pace with the customer needs and industry forces redefining your sales channels. Integrate with critical business systems including ERP, payment gateways, shipping interfaces, and more, without requiring third-party integration tools. Harness a powerful eCommerce management console, catalog management tools, advanced search functionality, order management capabilities, analytics dashboards, merchandising and promotion tools, and more.

Empower sales

Give your sales team the ability to emulate or mimic and see what their customers experience when using the website. Your sales team members can view customer orders, view shopping lists/worksheets, request quotes, and search for product information according to the rules of their customer’s account.

Give your customers and your team the powerful and flexible capabilities that come with the CSX eCommerce platform! An eCommerce platform exclusively designed for the complex needs of distributors.

Unique audience experience

Deliver better experiences to customers while easing the strain on your internal team. Easily provide your customers with unique access to information, products, and experiences based on their unique login information.

Mobile app

Your customers can experience your eCommerce website directly from their mobile devices. They’ll have full access to your product catalog, tools, information, and service team. Let customers browse, research, compare, and purchase from their smartphone or tablet no matter when.

Some of the distribution industries we serve

  • Plumbing / Heating Equipment and Supplies
  • Pools and Pool Supply
  • Electrical Supply
  • Irrigation
  • Paper, Packaging & JAN/SAN
  • Industrial Supplies and Equipment
  • Oils/Lubricants
  • Construction/Safety Products

Simplify B2B eCommerce management.

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