B2B eCommerce Analytics: Insights for Growth

Empowering Your Online Store with Insightful eCommerce Analytics Dashboards

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Elevate Your eCommerce Approach with CSX Analytics

Explore customer interactions with your online store using CSX eCommerce's robust analytics tools. These comprehensive dashboards provide insights into critical areas like product sales, visitor activity, and traffic trends. Gain a deeper understanding of your customers' journey, enabling you to increase eCommerce sales and improve operational efficiency for your sales, support, and marketing teams. Elevate your eCommerce strategy with actionable analytics, optimizing your business for long term success.

Analytics: eCommerce Overview

eCommerce Performance

The CSX eCommerce analytics dashboard delivers valuable insights. Review revenue, average order value, product quantity, and unique purchases with customizable date ranges. Compare these metrics against each other within selected time periods for deeper analysis.

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Product performance sales data from the CSX eCommerce analytics dashboard

Product Performance

Access real-time online sales data through our product performance analytics dashboard. Stay updated on SKU-specific quantities and revenue to identify revenue drivers and areas that require attention.

Analytics: Audience Overview

Audience Performance

Enhance your understanding of website visitors with the Audience Overview Report. This report sheds light on your visitors' identity, visit frequency, and the ratio of new to returning users. Gain insights into users’ abandoned carts, identify high-traffic pages, and popular products.

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Session Information

The Session Information analytics dashboard captures a snapshot of key website visitor details, including geographic regions, browser types, and devices used. Gain valuable insights into user demographics for informed decision-making and business strategies.

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Website Traffic

The Website Traffic analytics dashboard within CSX eCommerce Analytics provides a concise overview of key website traffic metrics. These include page URL, page views, unique page views, average time on page, and page exit rates. Using these metrics, you can gain insights into user engagement and site navigation efficiency.

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Site Speed

The Site Speed dashboard in CSX Analytics offers a snapshot of website loading efficiency. Monitor metrics like page URL, average page load time, and number of page views. Gain quick insights into user experience and optimize your site's engagement performance.

Dive deeper with CSX Analytics

Our CSX eCommerce Analytics dashboards provide a comprehensive suite of metrics, offering actionable insights to help you gauge the effectiveness of your online sales strategies and make informed decisions to improve your eCommerce operations.

  • Conversion rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Transactions
  • Page traffic, inbound and outbound
  • Post-login activity of individual users
  • Visits in real-time
  • Order volume and value
  • Abandoned carts
  • Site search keywords
  • Unique visits
  • Top pages
  • Time spent on site
  • Load times
  • Visitor map locations

CSX Analytics empowers your B2B eCommerce store with insights for growth. Evolve your eCommerce approach by analyzing the dashboard data. Explore customer interactions, understand product and audience performance, and uncover valuable session information. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you can optimize your eCommerce strategies, boost sales, and enhance operational efficiency.

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