CSX Analytics: Unlock Deeper Customer Insights

Explore and understand your customer’s journey.

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Analytics tools available in the CSX eCommerce admin portal provide a wealth of information on how your customers interact with your eCommerce website. This includes multiple data points from areas that impact your business and site performance, such as product sales, promotions, visitor activity, traffic information, and much more - everything you need to run your eCommerce website effectively.

With powerful eCommerce analytics information, you can better understand your customers’ journey and pinpoint the drivers behind online sales. You’ll also gain valuable insight to help you improve product sales and ROI, as well as improve day-to-day efficiency for your sales, customer support, and marketing teams.

Track sales, product, and audience performance metrics

eCommerce Performance

Our Analytics dashboard provides value eCommerce information that allows you to review revenue, average order value, product quantity, and unique purchases within user-specified date ranges. It also gives you the ability to compare each of these data points against each other within selected date ranges.

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Product performance sales data from the CSX eCommerce analytics dashboard

Product Performance

Get real-time online product sales data in the product performance dashboard. View up-to-date product performance by SKU, quantity, and revenue to understand which products are driving revenue and which products need more attention.

Audience Performance

It’s time to better understand your website visitors. Use the audience overview report to understand who is visiting your website, the number of times they visited, and the number of new and repeat visitors to your site.  Get real-time information on users’ abandoned carts, and what pages and products are the most popular.

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Dive deeper with CSX

CSX eCommerce analytics dashboards provide metrics that help you measure your online sales channel success. Metric data includes:

  • Conversion rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Transactions
  • Page traffic, inbound and outbound
  • Post-login activity of individual users
  • Visits in real-time
  • Order volume and value
  • Abandoned carts
  • Site search keywords
  • Unique visits
  • Top pages
  • Time spent on site
  • Load times
  • Visitor map locations
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