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Channel Software helps distributors and manufacturers like you harness the power of B2B eCommerce – without breaking your budget or adding complexity.

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What Our Clients Say

“With the old site, it was a real headache to manage the product information. Now with Channel Software, most of the work is either automatic or it can be done by our team in seconds. "

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CFO of JLM Wholesale

“It was really easy to train customers on the website... It has a lot of functionality, like letting customers create a new ship-to address or live order tracking…that’s been huge and has helped cutdown on questions like, ‘Where’s my order?’

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Director of marketing at Northwest Pump

"We wanted to match the big guys, and we’ve achieved that with this platform. We got more than we expected."

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Operations Manager at Perry Mill Supply

B2B eCommerce Built for Distributors and Manufacturers.

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All-in-one B2B eCommerce
The CSX eCommerce platform centralizes control of your online business through an intuitive portal to manage products, data, assets and sales seamlessly. With no software to maintain, you can spend more time helping your customers be successful.
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Drive Growth with Better Product Experiences
With our integrated PIM tool, you can standardize your product information. Your customers can easily access every specification or asset to make confident purchases. With better product experiences, you can boost conversion rates and simplify the buying process.
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Scale Faster with ERP eCommerce Integration
Siloed data slowing you down? CSX eCommerce integrations bridge the gap. Connect your existing business software and watch efficiency soar. From CRM to ERP, punchout to EDI, we help you streamline your operations so you can focus on growth.
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Manage and Control Your Content Easily
Take control of your website content with our built-in CMS. Easily create, edit, and optimize pages to attract, engage, and convert customers. Promote your brand, educate your audience, and boost search rankings. And that's just the beginning.

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Manage Growth, Not Headaches.

Our all-in-one B2B eCommerce platform gives you the tools you need to effortlessly manage your site without added resources and costs.


Manage, Grow and Scale Your eCommerce Business

The CSX management console provides a powerful, secure cloud-based portal to manage B2B eCommerce operations. It streamlines catalog, customer, asset, and analytics management from one intuitive hub. The platform simplifies catalog management for distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers by integrating back-office systems (ERP, etc.) to automate tasks, minimize errors, and boost efficiency.

CSX eCommerce catalog management dashboard display
Shopping Cart and Checkout example for CSX eCommerce platform


Drive Sales and Satisfaction

The CSX platform enables smooth, user-friendly checkout optimized for any device. Configure the order process to meet your unique B2B needs. Provide easy customer access to account details, shipping, balances, and payments. Use targeted promotions like cross-sell and up-sell to encourage more purchases. CSX eCommerce also supports multi-currency pricing, approvals, unique order requirements, and more.


Simplify Information Management

Accelerate online sales and marketing with the CSX eCommerce PIM. Reduce manual tasks, errors, and improve collaboration to share product catalogs seamlessly. Our PIM tool delivers your customers a smooth buying experience anytime, anywhere. Launch products faster, spending less time on tedious catalog management and more on acquiring customers.

CSX eCommerce product information management image
Making content edits using the CSX eCommerce CMS.


Control Your Message

The CSX eCommerce CMS lets you effortlessly create and manage dynamic website content. Easily add multimedia without tedious page switching. Create content once and publish it across multiple channels to save time. Manage single and multiple users with customizable roles and permissions. Onboard new members and their access with ease. Boost your online presence to showcase products, engage customers, increase search rank, convert visitors, and fuel revenue growth.

The Channel Software team is based in the United States.
Channel Software designs and builds our powerful B2B eCommerce platform in the USA.

Ecommerce Built in America.

Our U.S.-based team in Minnesota empowers industrial companies with robust, user-friendly B2B eCommerce built by software experts focused on your success. Partnering with Channel Software means you’re supporting domestic jobs, communities and growth.

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