Product Information Management (PIM)

CSX Product Information Management for B2B

Sell your products easier and faster with integrated, enriched product information. 

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Having PIM software integrated with your eCommerce platform is a game-changer for B2B companies wanting to elevate their eCommerce sales and marketing efforts. It's like having an extra team of experts on hand that helps you tell the story of your products and connects with customers in engaging ways to drive eCommerce transactions at scale. With the CSX PIM software, you can deliver the highest quality product catalog data and make it accessible to the right audiences, anytime, anywhere, around the clock!

Product and catalog management made easy

Take the stress and time out of managing your product catalog data with CSX PIM software. Now, you can have all that information at hand available for your customers in real-time. With CSX PIM software, you can spend less time managing your product data and more energy on finding new customers.

  • Manage all the information required to market and sell products through different sales channels including your physical stores or branches.
  • Edit or add new products in bulk or individually, change descriptions, assign categories, drag-and-drop new images, and more.
  • Maintain thousands of SKUs efficiently with CSX PIM software. Build, manage, edit, and update one or many products to ensure each has up-to-date specifications and content.
  • Create product families and categories by grouping similar items together. This saves time and streamlines your product creation/editing process and gives your customers the right product information based on their product group.
  • Scale your product lines easily and accurately. CSX PIM is built to handle hundreds of thousands of SKUs.
  • Unlimited fields for product specs, attributes, and other item information
  • Manage substitute products, replacement products, product accessories, and related product parts.
  • Manage multiple product catalogs with independent databases, products, pricing, and assets.
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Efficient & effective management

With the CSX product management panel, you can easily store and manage all types of product information from one central location.

Enhance your product and product category pages with product images, sales collateral, and files like data sheets, specification sheets, schematics, manuals, videos, spreadsheets, VISIO stencils, technical drawings, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Using the CSX PIM tool, your team will save valuable time by storing, organizing, retrieving, and sharing product files from one central place.

ERP & PIM integration

Integrate and synchronize your product data into CSX PIM software with ease using our automatic or manual import tools. Use CSV, XML, or plain text files to integrate all your product or catalog information in minutes.

  • Edit your product data, save, and display real-time updates on your eCommerce website.
  • Save valuable time and resources using bulk editing tools across product families and categories.
  • Deliver an engaging, accurate, and useful product catalog for prospects and customers to minimize friction and grow online sales.
  • Synchronize product and category content for the cleanest data possible.
CSX eCommerce product data integration with ERP

CSX PIM features & functions

CSX eCommerce analytics dashboards provide metrics that help you measure your online sales channel success. Metric data includes:

  • Manage product categories, item attributes and specifications, category images, and category featured items
  • Sync your ERP with CSX eCommerce to harness product data in your ERP system
  • Import product information from spreadsheets
  • Supports multi-user management
  • Real-time updates for website product information
  • Export information to use in other systems
  • Manage bulk updates for multiple products including images, descriptions, documents, attributes, keywords, tags, and more.
  • Drag and drop functionality for images and documents
  • Multi-document product data and information import
  • Bulk editing of description fields for product family and product categories
  • Manage product information from the CSX Mobile App
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Simplify B2B eCommerce and digital catalog management.

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