Content Management for B2B eCommerce

Create, edit, and optimize your eCommerce website content to attract and convert customers.

Rich content, robust content tools – we have the best of both worlds! With the CSX eCommerce platform, you don’t have to worry about how you will manage your eCommerce website's content anymore. A content management system (CMS) is built-in with our B2B eCommerce software. The CSX eCommerce CMS offers a powerful feature set and modern user interface that makes it unbeatable for any B2B distributor or manufacturer looking to build or grow their online presence and stand out from their competitors.

Managing content on your website is easy to do with our eCommerce CMS.  The CSX eCommerce Content Management System (CMS) helps you create, manage, and optimize your eCommerce website to enhance and improve your website experience for visitors and for search engines.

With CSX eCommerce CMS you can create and edit website pages, update web page content, images, banners, promotions, blog posts, and more. Our eCommerce CMS allows you to upload and write content, format your content, add headlines and images, and SEO content to rank higher in search engine results pages.

Your team will be able to:

  • Update your homepage content
  • Replace homepage banner slides
  • Edit your Featured Products/Categories
  • Edit your SEO descriptions
  • Manage your image/media library

For your B2B eCommerce site, you need built-in, powerful content creation and editing tools to deliver a superior user experience. With our CSX eCommerce content management system, you can use an all-inclusive solution with the same functionality found in enterprise-level software.

Key Features

  • Create website content and static pages
  • Content creation and publication workflow
  • Create content for later publication
  • Branch locater
  • Bulk publish

Content Management Features Detail

  • Page Management: Full editing control of your website pages does not require you to know any technical information or coding. Keep your content and information fresh and updated with ease.
  • Code Editing: When required or necessary, you can access the HTML code on your website pages to apply unique updates.
  • Scheduled Publishing: Schedule content updates and new pages to be published at a future date and time.
  • Keyword Tool: Identify keywords that are relevant to your customers, your business, and your product catalog to drive search engine traffic. Quickly find the words and phrases to rank higher search results over time.
  • Blog Articles: Create blog posts and articles that your prospects, customers, and search engines will find useful and informative.
  • SEO optimized URLs: Create website URLs that are simple, accurate, and relevant to ensure your prospects, customers, and search engines can find and understand them.
  • Navigation Editor: Control and edit the navigation of your website to ensure your website is easy to browse so your customers can quickly find the products and solutions most important to them.
  • Manage 301 Redirects: Manage redirects that takes users (and search engines) to a new URL when the original page no longer exists. Keep your search engine rankings for pages with updates or changes and ensure your website is search compliant.
  • Page Builder: Page management is simple and easy-to-use so anyone on your team can edit pages and make updates without requiring HTML skills.
  • And more!

It’s time to simplify B2B eCommerce and digital catalog management.

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