Content Management for B2B eCommerce

The CSX eCommerce CMS allows you to create, edit, and enhance your website content to attract and convert customers.

Content editor making page updates using the CSX eCommerce CMS.

Elevate Your Brand, Manage Content and Boost Conversions

The CSX eCommerce CMS makes managing your online store's content easy. Our built-in content management system allows you to create, edit, and optimize web pages, blog posts, banners, images, and more. You can upload content, format text, add images and headlines, and optimize SEO. Distributors and manufacturers can efficiently build their brand, engage customers, and achieve higher search engine rankings. The CSX eCommerce CMS gives you tools to create experiences that convert and boost your bottom line.

The CSX eCommerce CMS allows you to:

  • Update your homepage content
  • Edit your Featured Products and Categories
  • Create and update your SEO meta descriptions
  • Manage your product images and media assets
Making content edits using the CSX eCommerce CMS.
Edit and replace homepage banner slides on your eCommerce website.

Replace homepage banner slides

With the CSX eCommerce CMS, updating your website's homepage slider banner images is a breeze. Our interface allows you to easily replace or edit these images, ensuring your website always showcases the latest and most engaging content. No technical expertise is required, making it easy for anyone on your team to make updates that capture your audience's attention.

Manage your image / media library

Manage your website's image and media library with the CSX eCommerce CMS. Our platform allows you to upload, organize, and update visual content with ease. Whether it's product images, banners, or promotional media, you can efficiently maintain a fresh and engaging online presence. Streamline your media management process and keep your website looking its best without any hassle.

Easy management of a media library within the CSX eCommerce platform

Content Management Capabilities

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Easily generate captivating website content and static pages.
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Streamline your content creation and publication workflow.
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Prepare content for future publication with the option to create and save drafts.
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Use the branch locator to help customers easily find your physical locations.

CSX Content Management Features

Page Management

Take full control of your website pages without the need for technical knowledge or coding expertise. Keep your content and information fresh and up-to-date effortlessly.

Code Editing

Whenever needed, access the HTML code of your website pages for applying specific updates, ensuring uniqueness.

Scheduled Publishing

Seamlessly schedule content updates and new page releases for publishing at designated future dates and times.

Craft Engaging Blog Articles

Produce blog posts and articles that cater to your prospects, customers, and are optimized for search engines, enhancing their usefulness and value.

SEO optimized URLs

Create website URLs that are basic, accurate, and relevant, ensuring they're easily discoverable and understandable by your prospects, customers, and search engines.

Navigation Control

Take charge of your website's navigation to ensure your website is easy to browse. This ensures your customers can quickly find the products and solutions they need most!

301 Redirect Management

Efficiently manage redirects that guide users (and search engines) to new URLs when the original pages no longer exist. Safeguard your search engine rankings for updated or modified pages and maintain a search-compliant website.

User-Friendly Page Builder

Simplify page management with a user-friendly interface, empowering your team to edit pages and make updates effortlessly, eliminating the need for HTML skills.

The CSX eCommerce CMS is your ultimate solution for integrated B2B eCommerce content management. Elevate your brand, engage customers, and convert sales with efficiency. Our CMS empowers distributors and manufacturers to enhance their online presence and drive results with user-friendly page management, SEO optimization, and streamlined navigation control features.

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