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Fast and Relevant eCommerce Site Search

CSX eCommerce delivers intuitive, easy-to-use site search for the demands of modern distributors and manufacturers.

Man using a tablet finding products with site search function on a website powered by the CSX eCommerce platform.

Sell More with Site Search

CSX eCommerce platform offers robust site search capabilities tailored for B2B buyers of industrial distributors and manufacturers. This ensures that your website visitors can easily find the products and information they want, regardless of the complexity of their search requirements.

Website Search

CSX eCommerce search is powered by Elasticsearch. Built on Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch is a distributed open search and analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured. CSX eCommerce uses Elasticsearch because it is fast, scalable, resilient, and has powerful built-in features that make storing and searching data extremely efficient. These capabilities make it a perfect fit for the B2B buyer.

Visitors can search across vast amount of information, including product part numbers, manufacturer part numbers, customer part numbers, product/item keywords, product/item descriptions, product categories and families, and UPC codes.

Website search features provided by CSX eCommerce.

Predictive Search

This function makes it easier for visitors by providing suggestions automatically as they type their search term in the search bar. The visitor can click on the most relevant result instead of typing in their entire query saving time. Predictive search will match items like products, categories, accessories, brands, and more.

Image Preview

Your website visitors will see a product image preview in the search bar, helping them visually identify the items they are looking for.

An infographic showing predictive search in action on the CSX eCommerce platform.
Infographic showing the shop by category feature on the CSX eCommerce platform for B2B distribution and manufacturing websites.

Products & Categories

With a CSX eCommerce website, you can display products by manufacturer or brand category, or all products. With our guided search functionality your visitors will find what they need quickly and easily.

Shop and Filter by Brand

CSX eCommerce lets B2B customers easily browse and refine product searches based on their preferred brands. This streamlines the shopping experience, saving time and helping customers make confident choices.

An image of brand logos that can be featured using the Shop by Brand feature in the CSX eCommerce platform.
An image showing the filter by attribute feature for B2B buyers provided by the CSX eCommerce platform for B2B buyers.

Attribute Filtering

Website visitors can use multiple attribute filters to narrow results and find the product they need. Filter by manufacturer, size, color, brand, and more.

Product Display and Sorting

Control how you want products displayed in search results. Select from a list view or grid view, the number of items displayed on a page, and if you want to display SKUs with select variants; for example, size, color, specifications, to minimize and simplify search results.

Product information displayed on a search results page may include part number, product name, product image, manufacturer part number, brand name, pricing, order quantity, availability, available discounts, and more.

Allow customers to browse and sort your catalog using price, keywords, manufacturer part numbers, brands, and part numbers. Give customers the ability to refine and rearrange search results to find the right products quickly and efficiently.

An image showing the different ways that products can be displayed in your webstore search results page.
Man with glasses happy using the CSX eCommerce platform on his laptop

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