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Channel Software provides a powerful, cloud-based B2B eCommerce management portal to run your eCommerce business. Whether you are a distributor or manufacturer, you can streamline your eCommerce operations with CSX eCommerce. Easily manage your product catalog, customer accounts, assets, and performance analytics from one user-friendly hub.

CSX eCommerce catalog management dashboard display
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Manage product and category information
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Adjustable product groupings
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Show or hide specific products
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Add unique product traits
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Shop by brand or manufacturer
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Provide helpful product resources

Features & Benefits of the CSX Management Console

Catalog Management

CSX eCommerce simplifies catalog management for distributors and manufacturers. Seamlessly integrate back-office systems to automate tasks, minimize errors, and enhance efficiency. Our console empowers you to easily oversee product catalogs, pricing (including price breaks), variants, attributes, UOM, catalog restrictions, and more across multiple sites.

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Category and product data management
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Configurable products, bundles, and kits
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Attribute management
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Management of product details (documents, specifications, videos, images, etc.)
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Show or hide products for private label/OEM and restricted products
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Shop by brand

ERP eCommerce integration allows:

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Configurable Inventory Messaging
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Management of customer-specific catalogs, pricing and inventory
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Multiple Units of Measure (UOM)

Customer Account Management

Empower your customers with our CSX eCommerce platform for easy self-service. Manage accounts, orders, and shipments effortlessly, while cutting operational costs. Save time on routine tasks and boost customer efficiency. Customer account features include:

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Registration example of an existing customer on the CSX eCommerce platform

Customer Registration

Give new customers with personalized pricing, terms, and order insights.

  • New Customers: Approve new customer registrations for instant access to exclusive pricing, terms, order tracking, and more.
  • Existing Customers: Approved customers can unlock custom pricing, credit options, and comprehensive order history.
  • Anonymous Shoppers: Non-registered customers can purchase via credit card, minus account benefits and shopping history.

User Roles

CSX eCommerce admins can assign user-specific roles including:

  • View only: Access to products, inventory, pricing, and account functions without order placement.
  • Standard User: Ordering, plus access to account details like order history and open quotes.
  • Customer Admin: Create new sub-accounts under customer umbrella account, suitable for order approval workflows.
  • Sales rep: Login and mirror your managed customers. Place orders, create worksheets/lists, view customer data.
Graphic displaying  the types of roles you can assign in the CSX eCommerce platform, including Admin, View only, Standard User and Sales Representative
Icon for sales rep access

Sales Rep Access

Leverage the CSX management console to grant your sales representatives access to their individual customer accounts. This empowers your reps with deeper insights, fostering a more personalized and enriching client experience.

Icon for Account Management

Account Settings

Customers can effortlessly manage their contact information, billing and shipping addresses, and user permissions, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Icon for Event Registration

Event Registration

Simplify the process for your customers to sign up for classes, demos, and more by showcasing them on your company calendar. Perfect for certification courses, product demos, and other valuable events.

Icon for Password Management

Password Management

To enhance security, make it mandatory for new account registrations to reset their password during the initial login. This way, customers can independently manage, change, and recover their passwords, with the option for your team to assist when needed.

Resource Management

Consolidate your catalog management with Channel Software's CSX platform. Benefit from our efficient resource center and asset management features, optimizing your team's time through organized storage, quick retrieval, and seamless sharing of product files.

Woman working at her desk using a laptop to administer work on the CSX eCommerce platform
Image showing Asset Management icons for documents, video, images, and PDFs.

Asset Management

CSX offers a centralized hub for eCommerce-related assets, simplifying storage and updates across your entire product catalog.

Resource Center

Modern and user-friendly, this feature allows easy presentation of documents and assets to customers. Streamline access to manufacturer's documents, videos, returns info, and company resources. Grant user access to view or use specific documents.

Image showing the assets and files stored in the Resource Center.
Image showing how Image Overlays can be added to products without changing the original image.

Image Overlays

Add image overlays to your product images without changing your original image. Call out discounts, deals, and best selling products unique to your webstore while maintaining the integrity of your product images.


CSX eCommerce analytics tools offer comprehensive customer interaction data for your B2B eCommerce site. This encompasses product sales, promotions, and visitor activity, essential for businesses of any scale. Leverage the built-in dashboards to effortlessly monitor store, product, and audience performance. Gain valuable insights and understanding into your visitors and customers for more effective business planning.

Man working in a office at his desk using a laptop computer to view the Analytics dashboards in the CSX eCommerce platform for distributors and manufacturers.
Analytics console example in the CSX eCommerce platform

Audience Performance

Built-in Audience analytics dashboards deliver reports that track website traffic details, session information, and site speed data to better understand your website visitors and customers.

Ecommerce Performance

Specialized dashboards track your eCommerce revenue, conversion rate, average order value, quantities, and unique purchases, to identify which products are performing well and which ones need attention.

Analytics console example in the CSX eCommerce platform
Woman speaking on a phone reviewing eCommerce results from the CSX eCommerce platform

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