The CSX Management Console Puts You in Control

Empower your customers and gain eCommerce insight to grow your business.

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Channel Software provides a powerful, B2B cloud-hosted eCommerce management portal for your company to operate and measure all your eCommerce data and activities. Take command of your eCommerce product catalog, customer accounts, product assets, and performance analytics from one easy-to-use location.

CSX Management Console Key Features & Benefits

Catalog Management

With CSX eCommerce catalog management, distributors and manufacturers can easily integrate a variety of back-office systems to automate manual tasks and reduce errors in catalog management. Our management console allows you to manage product catalogs, pricing - including price breaks, variants and variations, custom attributes, unit of measure (UOM), catalog restrictions, and more across multiple sites.

CSX eCommerce catalog management dashboard display

Functionality includes:

  • Category and product data management
  • Configurable products, bundles, and kits
  • Configurable Inventory Messaging
  • Configure show/hide products for private label/OEM and restricted products
  • Customer-Specific Catalogs, Pricing & Inventory
  • Attribute management
  • Multiple Units of Measure (UOM)
  • Product details: product documents, specification tabs, videos, multiple images, etc.
  • Shop by brand

Customer Account Management

Your eCommerce website is a great way to provide your customers with self-service capabilities that will reduce your operational expenses. With our CSX eCommerce platform, you can let your customers have access and control over their accounts, orders, shipments, and more. Your team can save valuable time on routine tasks while your customers gain the tools they need to manage their accounts efficiently.

Here are a few of the customer account features available with the CSX eCommerce platform.

All these features and more, are available to put your company and your customers in control.

CSX eCommerce Resource Center and Asset Management tools

Resource Center & Asset Management

Channel Software’s CSX eCommerce platform gives you a central location to easily store and manage all types of catalog information. Our resource center and asset management functionality will save your team valuable time by storing, organizing, retrieving, and sharing product files.

  • Asset management: CSX provides a central repository to store, update, and add new eCommerce-specific assets.
  • Resource center: a modern and user-friendly way to present documents and assets to your customer. Easily provide your customers with manufacturer’s documents, videos, return authorizations, and company-focused documentation for ease of access. You can manage customer access so only specific users can view or use specific documents.


The analytics tools available in the CSX eCommerce management console provide a wealth of extensive information on how your customers interact with your eCommerce website. This includes data points from multiple areas that impact your business, like product sales, promotions, and visitor activity - everything needed to run efficiently any size company!

Using the built-in dashboards with the CSX platform, you can easily track your eCommerce store performance, product performance, and audience performance to better understand your website visitors and customers.

Analytics console example in the CSX eCommerce platform
Woman speaking on a phone reviewing eCommerce results from the CSX eCommerce platform

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