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Channel Software’s home is Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We are located in the vibrant North Loop neighborhood found between the Mississippi River and our Minnesota Twin’s Target Field. Fittingly, from a historic 1880’s industrial parts warehouse we design, build, and support our CSX eCommerce B2B software platform.

The North Loop is a hub of innovation, and it helps fuel our ideas and creativity. We proudly count world-leading software companies as our neighbors.

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Mission Statement

Channel Software strives to be the leading provider of integrated, B2B eCommerce software and services enabling companies of all sizes to increase sales, optimize their technology investment, and strengthen customer relationships.


Our mighty teams are made up of software engineers and developers, designers, strategists, account managers, marketers, and writers.

Each team performs a unique role in supporting our clients. We are dedicated to ensuring we exceed the expectations for every customer who uses our software and services.

Core Values

At Channel Software, we are guided by a set of core values that define who we are, what we stand for, and how things should be done.

These core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Dedication
  • Curiosity
  • Culture
  • Diversity

These tenants describe how we work with one another and ensure accountability for doing what's right and what’s best in each situation. Our core values are the foundation on which we build to fulfill our mission.


Since 2001, Channel Software's CSX eCommerce software architecture and its powerful software logic have been serving the complicated B2B eCommerce needs of forward-thinking distributors and manufacturers. For over 20 years our suite of eCommerce software products and tools have helped define the B2B eCommerce category as it exists today.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Channel Software, we believe in every team member’s value as an individual.  We believe diverse teams, with differing perspectives, lead to innovative solutions.

A person navigating the Baart Industrial B2B ecommerce website
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We were surprised at how quickly the site took off! We’ve hit a higher dollar volume than we expected at this point.

- Baart Industrial Group

What our clients say

"A Website for EVERYONE!"
"Almost Perfect Solution Simplified"
"CSX eCommerce Platform for B2B -
Great all around product"
"Simple and very effective"
The Channel Software team is based in the United States.
Channel Software designs and builds our powerful B2B eCommerce platform in the USA.

Purpose-Built in America

Our software business is based and run in the United States. Our customers like that for several reasons. Partnering with Channel Software offers fast response, high-quality technical support, and more personal business relationships.

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