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eCommerce is a crucial part of modern B2B businesses. The B2B eCommerce landscape is rapidly evolving with new technologies and solutions that can be confusing and overwhelming. The CSX eCommerce software platform was created to simplify eCommerce management using powerful, flexible logic to meet the complex demands of B2B eCommerce for distributors and manufacturers. Our B2B eCommerce platform gives your customers an easy-to-use, intuitive shopping experience, and robust features that support them at every level of your website's buying process.

We’ve designed our software platform to deliver powerful, secure, stable, and scalable B2B eCommerce functionality. The logic and power of the CSX platform allows you to focus on optimizing your business for growth, while we take care of the rest.

CSX eCommerce Features & Benefits

ERP System Integration

The CSX eCommerce platform integrates with a variety of enterprise applications critical to efficient business operations. Seamless connection with key enterprise systems gives your customers an unparalleled shopping experience - ERP systems (Epicor, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Sage, etc.), CRM, payment gateways, punchout catalogs, analytics tools, site search, and more. With CSX eCommerce integration is built-in. No third-party integration tools are required.

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Shopping Cart and Checkout

The cart and checkout functionality in B2B eCommerce embraces more than just the transaction. CSX eCommerce ensures that buying expectations are met for both existing customers and new customers, regardless of specific requirements, for a clear and easy-to-follow order process. Our solution is designed and tested to make the checkout process a seamless, fast, and personalized experience for your customers.

Account and Order Details

With CSX eCommerce, your customers can easily access and manage information that is relevant and makes their work easier for everyone involved. Access to account details, shipping, balances, payment options, and more. Order process flows that may require logins for different users, separate/unique product views, buying restrictions, quoting, ordering, currency, shipping, tax, purchasing approval, payments, and other unique ordering details are configurable to your business.

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Optimized for Mobile

With Channel Software, your B2B website will be mobile-responsive from the homepage through checkout. This ensures that all web pages are properly displayed and work well on smartphones and tablets as well as laptops or desktop computers with varying screen sizes. No more lost customers because of frustrating shopping experiences!

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Coupons, Promotions and Discounts

Motivate your customers with our built-in promotions feature. Allow them to easily capitalize on the right products with the best deals at the right time. Deliver cross-sell and up-sell offerings, dynamic product recommendations, inventory notifications, and much more. Manage product sales, liquidations, and manufacturer incentive programs inside one platform, saving time and headaches.

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CSX Commerce Capabilities

Persistent Shopping Cart

Give your customers the opportunity to check out if they have left unpurchased items in their cart from their previous visit.

Process Purchase Orders

Offer approved customers payment by purchase order to seamlessly align with their business processes.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Allows data to be automatically integrated into your ERP system, loyalty programs, reporting and analytics, and more, while eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Order Import

Import orders directly into your ERP system to save valuable time with manual order re-entry.

Quick Order Pad / Order Upload

Your customers can upload orders into their active shopping cart saving time and complexity.

Request for Quote (RFQ)

Customers can create a Request for Quote that generates an email with entered items to your account team.

Ship-To Addresses

Provide multiple ship-to addresses directly from your ERP system so that customers can check out easily.

Guest Checkout

Allow your eCommerce customer to make a purchase without logging in or requiring an account. Guest checkout eliminates barriers to in-the-moment sales opportunities.

Shopping Lists

Customers can create unique shopping lists (or worksheets) for frequently purchased items to minimize shopping time.

Shipping Rules

Avoid wasted time and unnecessary charges by automatically identifying the orders that require additional shipping fees.

Avalara Integration

Avalara integration gives you the ability to manage sales tax easily and efficiently while ensuring sales tax compliance.