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What Problems Does an eCommerce PIM Solve for Industrial Distributors and Manufacturers?

Let’s review the common eCommerce content challenges and how an integrated PIM helps solves them.

At Channel Software, we regularly speak with distributors and manufacturers who have eCommerce content challenges. There can be a variety of struggles they face that are unique to their organization, personnel, processes, and technology stack (or lack thereof). A Product Information Management (PIM) tool that’s built-in with an eCommerce website can solve many of these roadblocks.

Let’s review the common eCommerce content challenges and how an integrated PIM helps solves them.


A product catalog of 1,000 SKUs can be manageable. But what if that same list has tens or hundreds of thousands of products? Your product data can become extremely complex and difficult to manage for a small team. Products with multiple variants or several unique attributes can cause problems that can’t be easily identified or corrected. With a synced PIM, your team can maintain product information accuracy and reliability for an endless number of SKUs with ease.


Manual importing and exporting of data can lead to unintended product data errors that can go unchecked. By syncing your product information to your eCommerce engine with your PIM tool, you can avoid errors like duplicate SKUs, errant commas, missing field names, invalid characters, invalid product IDs, and more.


Reducing the amount of product information and data dispersed across multiple software platforms ultimately delivers a better shopping experience for customers. Using a PIM, you can avoid multiple versions of outdated product descriptions, digital assets, and information that may ruin the customer experience and endanger sales. Not to mention your team drastically reduces day-to-day management complexity (and headaches) while improving their overall productivity and peace of mind.


A built-in PIM tool can ensure that your product information is consistent across different sales channels and digital platforms. Housing your product data, assets, and information in one platform ensures that your customers get the right information every time.


Ready to launch your products online faster? An eCommerce platform with integrated PIM software can sync directly to your ERP system and present accurate, relevant information that’s most critical to your customer without an extra burden on your marketing team. You don’t have to duplicate efforts across different platforms. PIM software simplifies and speeds up the way you go to market.

These are some of the most common problems our customers have encountered. Your company may have content roadblocks unique to your situation. If you have product content frustration, let us know. We're here to help!

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