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5 B2B eCommerce Strategies to Improve the Shopping Experience for Your Industrial Website

Ready to unlock your B2B eCommerce potential? Here are five strategies that will help improve your customers’ online shopping experience in 2023.


Personalization is essential for B2B eCommerce success, according to Gartner. By tailoring customers' experiences based on factors such as user behavior, past purchases, and other data points, companies can expect increased revenue by up to 15%. Buyers now demand a personalized experience like their familiar online shopping journeys in the consumer space. Businesses looking to take advantage of personalized B2B eCommerce options can do so by implementing tailored product recommendations and pricing, as well as setting up corporate accounts with numerous user roles for a simplified purchasing experience.


Videos are powerful tools to capture the attention of modern B2B buyers. Not only do they captivate viewers, but also provide an avenue for businesses to boost search engine rankings and drive visitors back toward their websites. Studies show that nearly two-thirds of all Google searches now feature at least one video result — making it clear why videos are important in today's competitive marketing landscape. Video is a must-have marketing tool for any industrial company looking to maximize its return on investment. Data finds that video makes a significant impact on sales, with 80% of marketers noting its effectiveness in boosting profits.

Expanded Payment Options:

Offering buyers a range of payment options is essential to stay competitive in the B2B space. Beyond standard purchase orders, consider implementing other methods such as credit cards, digital wallets, ACH and wire transfers that can add greater convenience for customers while increasing conversions and reducing abandoned carts. This shift will create an enhanced checkout experience and open opportunities to appeal to a broader customer base.

Improving Fulfillment:

Navigating the B2B eCommerce space can be challenging — especially when it comes to order fulfillment. The complexities of large, bulk orders subject to strict regulations often drive up expenses and processing times. Taking steps towards optimizing warehouse processes through modern inventory management software can give businesses a competitive edge by helping speed up service-level agreements while staying cost-efficient. A combination of improved automation, customer-focused policies, and streamlined processes can deliver a better buying experience for customers.


B2B eCommerce is dependent on data to drive successful customer engagement, personalization, and a seamless shopping experience. With that comes the heightened responsibility of protecting customers' information with ironclad privacy policies and practices. Companies must prove their trustworthiness by only requesting/requiring relevant data, employing reliable firewalls and encryption methods, as well as strictly adhering to applicable privacy laws.

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