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Infor Rhythm for Commerce vs CSX eCommerce

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The B2B eCommerce market is going through a major transformation as business buyers rapidly adopted digital purchasing. 73% of B2B buyers are now identified as Millennials and their expectations are considerably different from the B2B buyer from 10 to 20 years ago. They want easy, hassle-free ways to research and purchase from any device or channel, fast response time, personalization, and a consistent experience. To take advantage of this change, distributors and manufacturers need eCommerce technology that can deliver no-hassle management, easily integrate with their backend software systems (ex. ERP, finance, and CRM systems), and scale with growth.

The information that follows highlights how the CSX eCommerce platform and Infor Rhythm for Commerce software compare when it comes to delivering the essential B2B eCommerce tools required by the modern B2B buyer.

Case Studies

CSX eCommerce is empowering B2B businesses.

B2B eCommerce Solutions for Infor ERP customers

There are many eCommerce platforms that claim to understand and handle the complicated B2B eCommerce requirements of distributors and manufacturers. They promise an elegant buyer and user experience, easy backend integration, and easy-to-use out-of-the-box functionality. In most cases, they offer incomplete solutions that require your business to fill in the gaps with third-party consultants, services, and/or applications which makes it more difficult to budget for, manage, and secure.

CSX eCommerce and Infor Rhythm for Commerce offer ways to launch integrated B2B eCommerce websites by offering features for order and inventory management, catalog management, customer and price segmentation, customer pricing, discount management, product management, billing, payment, and shipping options from a single eCommerce platform. This article compares the capabilities of both solutions to help you determine which is the best option for your business.

An Overview of CSX eCommerce

The CSX eCommerce platform is purpose-built to streamline B2B eCommerce for distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers. This all-in-one software platform allows companies to scale and grow their business without costly development fees, hidden charges, and third-party management complexity. With one comprehensive eCommerce platform, B2B companies can deliver an elegant buying experience for their customers and ensure those customers get what they need when they need it. CSX eCommerce is a cloud-based software platform that offers a suite of integrated tools including commerce, product information management (PIM), content management software (CMS), site search, analytics, software integration, and more.

An Overview of Infor Rhythm for Commerce

Infor Rhythm for Commerce offers companies using Infor ERP solutions with an integrated e-commerce system to sell products online. Rhythm for Commerce includes a product information management (PIM) solution that allows customers to edit and present product data and details to buyers. Rhythm for Commerce integrates with select Infor ERP solutions to provide real-time pricing and availability. Its content management components enable companies to create scalable and personalized experiences.

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CSX eCommerce vs. Rhythm for Commerce


A B2B eCommerce platform should simplify your online commerce sales, increase team and operational efficiency, provide customer order information, analytics and sales data, and scale with your company growth. Read how CSX eCommerce and Infor’s Rhythm for Commerce compare across some of the most critical B2B eCommerce capabilities.

Product search
Rich product information
Category based navigation
Rich category information
Breadcrumb navigation
Targeted promotions ERP
Order kit items ERP
Product icons
Hide dealer price
Multiple languages
EAN / UNSPSC codes
Product recommendations (PIM)
Product Configuration using Infor CPQ
Ordering & INventory
Order to multiple addresses
Terms & Conditions
Country specific address formats
Multi-Lingual and Multi-Site order notifications
Real-time stock levels ERP
Available to promise ERP
Order history
Order line status tracking
Order status updates
Order, invoice documents (IDM)
Invoice history
Site and Content Management
Drag-n-drop widget framework
Customer based themes
Multiple sites
Site import / export
Digital asset manager
WYSIWYG editor
User Management
Role based access
External SSO
Micro-service architecture
Hosted in the Cloud
B2B Primary eCommerce Features
Order notes
Confirmed delivery date
Quick order entry
Order file upload
Order templates
Punchout (OCI)
Punchout (cXML)
Multi-customer account buying
Style matrix buying
Issue multiples / Round by ERP
Block customer ERP
Default Sales Unit ERP
Customer based catalogue
Spare parts selling
Customer item alias
History & Order History
One click re-ordering
Invoice Due amount and Due date ERP
Accounts payable summary

CSX eCommerce and Infor ERP integration

Partnering with an eCommerce expert that deeply understands Infor ERP and the requirements of a B2B eCommerce integration gives you and your customers multiple benefits. Here are a few to consider:

Real-time Data

Infor ERP and CSX eCommerce integration uses the real-time inventory data available in the ERP to correct inventory on the eCommerce store to eliminate accepting the orders for out-of-stock items.  Product availability is critical for procurement professionals to make purchasing decisions at a moment’s notice. It also reduces the possibility of lost sales and customer dissatisfaction by having inaccurate information.

Minimize Human Mistakes

When businesses integrate their Infor ERP system with their eCommerce platform, they can remove the risk of human errors that may cost the business immensely. These common pitfalls include incorrect order quantities, erroneous shipping addresses, displaying incorrect inventory levels, inaccurate pricing, and much more.  All these problems can result in lost sales and customer frustration along with expensive overhead costs.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

A business that can provide its customers with accurate information about the products they are selling has a powerful advantage. Real-time product information, correct order tracking information, and exact inventory status on the eCommerce store create trust between your customer and your business.

Lower Operational Costs

Seamless integration between the ERP system and your eCommerce solution also reduces overall costs. Updates for pricing, inventory, product ship-to’s, and product naming and descriptions can be managed directly from the ERP without adding additional staff.  Automatically process orders, revise fulfillment information, and process the customer credit card without any manual involvement. Integration not only reduces the cost of labor but also reduces hidden costs of human errors which can lead to lost production hours and higher prices.

Switching from Infor Rhythm for Commerce to CSX Commerce Cloud

The Channel Software technical team regularly handles migrations from other eCommerce systems. This is a critical area of expertise and knowledge to ensure smooth transitions and minimal (if any) downtime. Our team will migrate your company to the CSX eCommerce platform with minimal disruption to your business.  From the beginning, we work with your team to build a modern B2B eCommerce website that is designed to scale and grow your business.

Below is a look at our proven phased approach for switching.

A diagram showing the phased approach of building a B2B eCommerce website with Channel Software.

A B2B eCommerce platform that is purpose-built for Distributors and Manufacturers

The CSX eCommerce platform has been exclusively designed, tested, and implemented by some of the most distinct B2B distribution and manufacturing companies in North America. The platform is flexible and robust enough to sell successfully across a wide variety of commercial industries for companies that require integration with systems like ERP and CRM, powerful PIM, CMS, and analytics software, and demonstrated simplicity of eCommerce website management.

What do our customers say?

"We wanted to match the big guys, and we’ve achieved that with this platform. We got more than we expected."

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Michael Hobbs
Operations Manager at Perry Mill Supply

"We were surprised at how quickly the site took off! We’ve hit a higher dollar volume than we expected at this point."

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Strategic Projects Manager
Baart Industrial Group

"We don’t need a big team to run this eCommerce platform because it’s so easy that the website just does it for us."

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Hugh O’Neill
Vice President of Finance at Gulf Coast Marine Supply

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Distinguished companies rely on the CSX eCommerce platform to simplify and grow their B2B eCommerce business.

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