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BigCommerce B2B Edition vs Channel Software

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As a B2B distributor or manufacturer, the need for an eCommerce platform is critical – especially post-pandemic. If you’re researching a B2B eCommerce platform with advanced features that handle complex B2B business transactions, both CSX eCommerce from Channel Software and BigCommerce B2B Edition are leading choices in the marketplace.

Ultimately, you’ll want to know the similarities and differences between each software and how they compare in their features and benefits. Additionally, which is the best fit for your company and why would you choose one over the other? Below you can read our detailed comparison of BigCommerce B2B Edition vs. CSX eCommerce to help you make an informed decision.

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CSX eCommerce is empowering B2B businesses.

What’s the difference between B2B and B2C eCommerce?

B2B eCommerce is typically more complex than B2C eCommerce because B2B buyers have very specific requirements for placing and receiving orders to best match their business and customer needs. For example, buyers may have narrow or specific restrictions governing the types of purchases they can make depending on role, location, and product types. Also, B2B eCommerce usually involves deeper research and a more pragmatic buying process.

Why is B2B eCommerce more complicated than B2C?

B2B eCommerce brings with it a unique set of complexities - from regulations and tax requirements to custom pricing and security considerations. It’s important to be aware that there are many factors that may be unique or specific to each company. Here are some examples:

  • B2B transactions often involve a larger number of products, a wider range of prices, and more complex pricing models.
  • B2B customers usually have more specific purchasing requirements, such as bulk orders, customized products, and longer payment terms.
  • There is a heightened focus on maximized ROI. B2B buyers spend more time researching information and comparing data before making a purchase commitment.
  • According to recent research, B2B buyers are comfortable spending as much as $500,000 dollars on an eCommerce purchase. But any miscalculation or obvious mistake is highly visible within the company, and so research and confidence in the buying process are essential.
  • B2B buyers may be purchasing for one department or several, which involves many people and gatekeepers, and places a greater responsibility upon the buyer.
  • B2B buyers can be very loyal and committed repeat buyers, which magnifies the importance of long-term, trusted relationships.
  • The integration of an ERP system and eCommerce platform is complex. The integration between systems enables the automation of sales orders, inventory, customer details, and many other variables to deliver an accurate and efficient shopping experience for customers.
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Researching B2B eCommerce solutions

Understanding the specific needs of clients means making their online shopping experience fast, simple, and well-suited to the unique requirements of B2B buyers. CSX eCommerce and BigCommerce B2B Edition are two platforms offering powerful eCommerce features for businesses.

Understanding the differences between each will help you make an informed decision for your company. Read our comparison of BigCommerce B2B Edition and CSX eCommerce below to see which B2B eCommerce software platform works best for your business.

About CSX eCommerce  
Since 2001, Channel Software has offered a comprehensive, purpose-built B2B eCommerce platform to simplify and empower eCommerce for distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturing companies. The CSX eCommerce software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform includes:

  • A built-in commerce engine
  • Product information management (PIM) tool
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Advanced site search
  • Mobile app
  • Integration - including ERP, CRM, shipping carriers, and more

About BigCommerce B2B Edition
BigCommerce B2B edition is a version of the BigCommerce eCommerce platform that is designed for B2B businesses. It offers tools and features designed to meet the needs of B2B companies, including the ability to set up customized pricing and payment terms for different customers, manage multiple users and permissions, and automate and streamline the ordering process.

BigCommerce B2B Edition offers:

  • Enterprise functionality
  • Open architecture
  • Inventory management features
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Third-party app ecosystem for B2B-focused industries

Feature comparison of CSX eCommerce and BigCommerce B2B Edition

Your eCommerce website is a critical component of a B2B distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer. When implemented and integrated into your business processes it should save time and resources, improve productivity, increase brand awareness, improve growth and scalability, deliver a positive user experience, and provide greater opportunities for sales growth.

BigCommerce B2B Edition
CSX eCommerce
Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
Data Modeling, Normalization and Conversion
Advanced Merchandising and Search Tools
Bulk Product Editing
Secure Data Backups
Static Content Scheduling
Variant Products and Bundled Products
Multi-Currency Support
Punchout capability
Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Google Merchant Center Publication
Easy-Build Custom Product Attributes
Ecommerce Platform Publication
Legacy Data Conversion
Cross Channel Inventory Synchronization
Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) Integration
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration
Shipping and Fulfillment Integration
Product Feeds and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Sitemap Generation
Custom API Endpoints
Third-Party Marketplace Publication
Live Online Training Sessions
Order Management Integration
User Permissions and Roles Settings
Pricing Engine
Smart Categories
Custom Business Objects
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When to choose CSX eCommerce vs BigCommerce B2B Edition

Your eCommerce website is a critical component of a B2B distributor, wholesaler or manufacturer’s sales and marketing efforts.

When implemented and integrated correctly, your website should save time and resources, improve productivity, increase brand awareness, improve growth and scalability, deliver a positive user experience, and provide greater opportunities for sales growth. Think of it as a valuable member of your sales and marketing team.

Choose CSX eCommerce if…

  • You are a distribution or manufacturing company that deals with complex business processes to sell products
  • You want to simplify the management of your day-to-day eCommerce operations
  • You don’t want to hire additional staff or third-party resources to manage and maintain your eCommerce software
  • You need backend integration included like ERP, CRM, Shipping, and inventory management systems
  • You want U.S.-based support from B2B eCommerce technical experts at no additional charge.

Choose BigCommerce B2B Edition if…

  • You sell to B2C customers using BigCommerce already and want to add B2B customers and you don’t require complicated backend business processes to close sales.
  • You want an open-source software solution.
  • You already use and maintain a wide variety of third-party apps to run your eCommerce business
  • You want to use preconfigured website themes available from third-party developers.
  • You have an internal team to maintain, develop and customize your eCommerce website

Why customers choose CSX eCommerce for B2B eCommerce?

Below are some of the most notable advantages that CSX eCommerce customers have shared with us. If you have specific needs or questions, reach out to a Channel Software eCommerce expert today.

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Built for B2B

The CSX eCommerce platform is specifically built to streamline complex B2B eCommerce requirements and processes, from product catalog creation through order processing. The CSX eCommerce technology stack is built upon 20+ years of continuous evolution working closely with distribution and manufacturing customers. B2B shopping expertise includes:

  • Seamless data integration with your ERP system or backend software.
  • Interface design that delivers a superior B2B eCommerce customer experience.
  • Advanced search functionality to simplify the buying process.
  • The ability to handle multiple payment options, multi-ship-to and bill-to combinations,
    complex product variants and customizations, customer-specific pricing, discounts, and more.

Simple, all-in-one solution

Reduce the confusion and expenses of overseeing multiple technology vendors and needing to hire in-house technical expertise to support your B2B eCommerce website. With Channel Software you can simplify your eCommerce sales channel by combining these tools in one solution:

  • An integrated Product Information Management (PIM) that improves the customer experience and lowers customer acquisition costs.
  • A Content Management System (CMS) that allows non-technical people to edit content without requiring a web developer.
  • A B2B eCommerce engine with enterprise-level features, security, and scalability.
  • Powerful search and shopping functionality.
  • An eCommerce analytics dashboard to track sales, products, and audience performance.

U.S.-based development & support

We don’t use third parties or offshore resources for support. With Channel Software, you get personal attention from our technical support team which is 100% Channel Software employees. Our team is based in the United States and offers nationwide assistance when you need it most. 

No third-party apps to worry about

Platforms like Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce require third-party apps to meet the complex requirements of B2B eCommerce. In addition, you'll have to identify resources that have adequate B2B eCommerce experience to integrate and update these software apps. This gets complicated, expensive, and requires ongoing technical maintenance. With the CSX eCommerce platform, the core functionality is built inside, ready to deploy.

Easy order approval

When an order requires additional approvals, CSX eCommerce allows a buyer to submit the approval to one or more people. The approving party can then approve and submit the order or edit the order and send it back to the original purchaser for updates. This saves valuable time and headaches.

What do our customers say?

"We wanted to match the big guys, and we’ve achieved that with this platform. We got more than we expected."

Perry Mill Supply logo
Michael Hobbs
Operations Manager at Perry Mill Supply

"We were surprised at how quickly the site took off! We’ve hit a higher dollar volume than we expected at this point."

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Strategic Projects Manager
Baart Industrial Group

"We don’t need a big team to run this eCommerce platform because it’s so easy that the website just does it for us."

Gulf Coast Marine Supply logo
Hugh O’Neill
Vice President of Finance at Gulf Coast Marine Supply

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