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Talk with a Channel Software eCommerce expert and learn how an integrated B2B eCommerce platform can transform your business! The CSX eCommerce platform helps you deliver an informative, user-friendly experience for your customers, drive online sales, and create lasting efficiency for your company.

See what your company can accomplish with an ERP-integrated eCommerce website that includes the following software capabilities: Online Commerce, Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management System (CMS), analytics tools, and mobile app for Android and iOS.

Our meeting will include:

  • A discussion of your current B2B eCommerce efforts
  • An overview of the CSX eCommerce platform
  • View the built-in commerce, product information, content management, and analytics features available for your website
  • See the account management capabilities and functionality
  • Review of the mobile app functionality
  • Time to discuss and answer any questions or feedback you may have

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