Automotive Wholesale Supplier Drives Online Sales with eCommerce21 and Infor SX.e  
Rowleys Wholesale

Serving markets in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, Rowleys Wholesale supplies automotive equipment, industrial lubricants, chemicals, tires, vehicle parts and a variety of other items used for cleaning and repairing automobiles.

Rowleys put all these supplies online more than 15 years ago when ecommerce was just starting to gain traction. Their customers could log in to view part numbers and pricing, but not much else. “We needed to modernize our storefront with product images and detailed product information, but we couldn’t do that with our existing ecommerce platform,” explained CFO Mike Rowley. So they set out to replace it.

B2B and B2C Solution in One

His team quickly narrowed down the options to a small number of platforms that would share data with their Infor SX.e ERP system. “We chose eCommerce21 not only because of its strong integration with Infor SX.e and the Grey Wolf APIs, but also for its catalog management tools and B2C capabilities,” Rowley stated.

Developed specifically for the unique needs of wholesale suppliers,eCommerce21 is an Internet storefront design and management system with convenient sales and marketing tools, powerful Product Information Management and real-time ERP integration. It maps and updates data between popular ERP systems and eCommerce21, supporting millions of products, attributes and images.

ERP and Specialized Applications Integration

Rowleys integrated its eCommerce21 platform with Infor SX.e as well as DigitalShipper Enterprise for freight and Payflow Pro for Paypal and credit card orders. Open for about a year now, Rowleys’ new site lets customers easily navigate product categories, view images, read detailed descriptions and place orders online.

“We’ve had positive responses from our long-time B2B customers,” said Rowley. “What’s more, we were able to open our store to B2C shoppers too. Anyone can come to our site and shop around. If they like what they see, then we have an opportunity to convert them into registered business accounts down the road.”

For more information about Rowleys Wholesale, visit their website at To find out if the eCommerce21 platform supports your ERP or accounting system, visit the eCommerce21 integrations page.

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