Mobile Commerce is one of the Latest Tools of the Trade for Texas-based Hardware Supplier 
Buttery Company

Hardware isn’t exactly high-tech. In fact, many of the supplies this company carries haven’t changed a whole lot in the 100 years they’ve been in business. But over the years Buttery Company has expanded its lines far beyond hardware, to include camping gear, plumbing and electrical supplies, ranching equipment, automotive tools and much more. Their customers include lumber yards, feed stores and independent hardware outlets throughout Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Business Growth and Ecommerce

From new products lines and markets to innovative technology, Buttery Company is continuously evolving. They try to stay on top of trends in the hardware supply industry, and as with most wholesale suppliers, ecommerce is playing an increasingly important role in business operations. “Right now, we’re seeing the most growth coming from ecommerce sales,” states William Buttery. “Our customers come to our site to check pricing and availability, look up their account balances, and place orders at all times of the day and night.”

Smooth Integration

Buttery Company uses eCommerce21 from Channel Software to run its online business. Designed specifically for the unique needs of B2B sales, eCommerce21 is an ecommerce design and management platform that can share data seamlessly with inventory management and accounting systems. eCommerce21 is already integrated with many of the most popular ERP systems, but the system Buttery Company uses wasn’t one of them. “Channel Software used the API’s for our ERP system to integrate eCommerce21 so we could automate data sharing between the two systems,” Buttery explains.

“The company’s always been easy to work with and approachable,” says Buttery about Channel Software. The relationship between the two companies began long before ecommerce entered the picture. Buttery Company used Channel Software’ catalog design and management software, Catalog Builder, to publish their hardware catalogs for years. When they added eCommerce21, the software streamlined implementation by tapping into Buttery Company’s existing catalog content database to populate the ecommerce website.

Mobile Commerce

Now Buttery Company is moving on to the next phase: mobile commerce. They recently completed an update to add monthly specials, highlight new products, and make their site more mobile friendly.

eCommerce21 offers the industry’s most comprehensive mobile commerce solution, featuring a responsive design system that adjusts ecommerce sites to fit small screen sizes. It also offers browser-based mobile sites and the ability to turn storefronts into native mobile apps for all three of the major mobile device operating systems.

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