Company History

Computer Pundits Corporation, established in 1991, started out building wide area network based catalogs for companies with multiple locations. CPC soon saw the need and opportunity to develop and market a software solution to automate the creation of print and PDF catalogs for manufactures and distributors; CPC responded by launching CatalogBuilder® in 1999.

As the landscape of B2B commerce and the way it was conducted continue to change, the need to develop an online web catalog arose. CPC responded to this need in 2001 with the announcement of eCommerce21®, an online web catalog and eCommerce solution that can be integrated directly into an existing webpage. CPC continued to adapt its solutions to fit the market and needs of its customers with the 2008 re-launch of an enhanced eCommerce21® which allowed for integrations with existing ERP systems.

In 2012, CPC announced an expansion of its eCommerce21® solution with the addition of eCommerce21® Valise, a mobile iPad application. Through the advent of eCommerce21® Valise, CPC now offers a fully integrated eCommerce solution which can provide up-to-the-minute pricing and inventory data to sales staff and customers anywhere through the use a mobile device.