eCommerce21® ERP System Integration

eCommerce21 Seamless Ecommerce Integration for Infor SHIMS®

eCommerce21® integrates seamlessly with Infor SHIMS® and a host of other Infor products, so you can create sophisticated B2B or B2C ecommerce sites that take full advantage of your robust backend systems. The parts data, pricing, and availability your customers see online will always be complete and up to the minute.

  • Real-time contract/customer-specific pricing
  • Order History and Open Orders, whether entered directly into Infor SHIMS® or via eCommerce21®.
  • Multi-Company Support
  • Multi-Warehouse Support
  • Restricted Items Support
  • Submits shopping cart to Infor SHIMS® to create an order
  • Pull Product Descriptions, Quantity in Hand, Units of Measure, etc. from Infor SHIMS® on a real time basis
  • Punch-Out Module
  • Credit Card Module
  • UPS/FedEx Shipping and Tracking module

Catalog Builder® and eCommerce21® are registered trademarks of Computer Pundits Corporation. SHIMS® is a trademark of Infor Global Solutions®. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.