eCommerce21® | Valise

e21 Valise iPad App

Empower Your Sales Staff

Empower your sales staff to complete more sales by providing customer-specific information and inventory levels at their fingertips no matter their location.

The eCommerce21® Valise iPad application allows your sales staff to access and create quotes, as well as execute orders on the road through the use of online and offline capabilities. Seamless integration with your ERP system allows your sales staff to access real-time inventory levels, customer pricing and order history via online connectivity; while offline capabilities allow your sales staff to take this information on the road by utilizing stored application data.

  • Works online to provide real-time inventory levels, customer specific pricing, order history and the ability to access quotes using seamless integration with back-end ERP and accounting systems like Infor® SX.enterprise, Epicor® Eclipse, Epicor® Prophet21, Mincron Systems, Microsoft Dynamics® and many more.

  • Works offline by storing sales information such as pricing, quotes, and order history within the application. Once reconnected, the application automatically syncs with back-end systems to input orders and trigger workflow.

  • Sales staff can use stored information to create job quotes and bids in the field complete with mark-ups and labor costs.

  • Sales staff can configure quotes in the field, execute orders and realize revenue quicker.
Key Benefits
  • Streamline sales process
  • Complete quotes and execute orders away from the office without internet access using stored ERP data on the tablet
  • Order products quickly through customer-specific items list
  • Access product specifications, MSDS Sheets and installation instructions at your fingertips
  • Take orders quickly and efficiently using the quick order pad
  • Easy to learn, use and administer
Key Features
  • Reliable, scalable and secure design
  • Seamless integration with back office systems to provide real-time inventory levels, customer specific information, quotes, and order history
  • Ability to work offline and complete sales in the field
  • Patented functionality for tablet interface with an automated integration to centralized database of product information
  • Create and store customer specific regional and industry product lists with rich content and images