eCommerce21® | Mobile

Take advantage of the industry’s most comprehensive mobile commerce solution.
The eCommerce21 platform features a responsive design system that automatically adapts your ecommerce site to fit small screen sizes, plus browser-based mobile sites, online and offline sales mobility tools, and the ability to turn your storefront into native mobile apps for all three of the major mobile device operating systems.

Responsive Design

When you build your storefront with eCommerce21, your site will automatically adjust to fit the screen size and capability of mobile devices. Your customers will have full access to the same product content and images they would see on their desktop, but in a more streamlined manner. For example, from their smartphone they might see a single column of content, but they’ll see two columns of content on their tablet. In an age in which business consumers are more likely to research products via mobile devices than desktops, having a responsive design is a critical first step to ecommerce success.

Browser-based Mobile Sites

eCommerce21 Mobile Browser creates a fully functional mobile version of your ecommerce site that scales and simplifies your storefront for small screens, making it much easier for your users to find what they need while they’re on the go.

  • Large product category buttons for easy navigation on phones and tablets
  • Dynamically simplified content to eliminate unnecessary clutter on small screens
  • Full shopping cart capability
  • ERP integration for live inventory information and customer-specific pricing

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Give customers fast, frustration-free access to your products from their mobile devices by turning your storefront into a mobile app. Our affordable, ready-to-go mobile commerce solution creates hybrid apps for Windows, Android, and Apple IOS that are fully integrated with your desktop ecommerce site and back-end ERP systems. Learn More..

Online and Offline Sales Mobility

With the eCommerce21® Valise app on their mobile devices, your sales staff can access vital product and customer information when they’re on the road, even when they don’t have an Internet connection. This sales mobility tool works offline by storing sales information such as pricing, quotes, and order history. Once reconnected, the application automatically syncs with back-end systems to input orders and trigger workflow. Learn More..