Site Design Manager

Developing and revising the static components of a website has been made easier through the use of Channel Softwares’ eCommerce21® Site Design Manager. This software enables you to create, modify or completely remove static content from a webpage quickly and easily.

eCommerce 21 Site Design Manager

eCommerece21® Site Design Manager is a content management system which allows for the creation and management of static content on a website; creating a professional look and feel which can be easily maintained. The eCommerce21® Site Design Manager module automatically converts text directly to html format, no need for coding. The eCommerce21® Site Design Manager module not only facilitates easy content additions, modifications and removal; but also allows customizable content for each category of user. A website may have features and content that not every user should have access to; this is where the eCommerce21® Site Design Manager comes into its own.

The eCommerce21® Site Design Manager allows each user group logging in to experience a completely different webpage, fully customizable based upon their needs. The same website can allow access to all of the content and features or select subsets based on the user logged in. For instance, a preferred customer may see content about an upcoming event that is not being publicly advertised; thanks to the eCommerce21® Site Design Manager, only your preferred customers will see this information.

The customizable user interface not only provides additional benefits and features to preferred customers, such events and news postings; but can also function to focus and simplify content for basic users. As it becomes easier for internet users to become overstimulated and distracted with excess information; customizing the viewable content can help to minimize distractions, putting the focus of customers on your products.

Creating a market or customer-specific storefronts increases relevance to customers; optimizing internet marketing efforts. The personalization features offered by the eCommerce21® Site Design Manager module in conjunction with the robust functionality and rich content capabilities of eCommerce21® creates a better overall customer experience; bringing customers back time and again.