Catalog Builder®Content Management System
Designed specifically for catalog related data, the Catalog Builder® Content Management System (CMS) provides a robust database with quality control features like user level security, change tracking, and audit trails. It is the perfect solution for managing comprehensive product information like specifications, MSDS sheets, training manuals, installation instructions, pictures, features, and benefits to support sales and marketing efforts and create superior product catalogs.
  • Allows different product attributes for different product categories
  • High and low resolution image formats
  • Copy and memo information for groups of products or for individual part numbers
  • Product categorization
  • Product sequencing
  • Sorts data in different formats, search and replace, copy and paste
Quality control features of the Catalog Builder® Content Management System include:
  • User level security to enable and disable user access to change database, publish catalogs in different mediums, and many more administrative tasks
  • Track database changes on part number level by users, workstation, date and time
  • Generate report of changes
  • Provide audit trail and reverse changes