Catalog Production

We’ll supply your catalog content and deliver it in a custom-designed catalog that you can update and manage on your own.

Custom-Designed Catalog – From concept to design, we'll work with you to create a catalog that matches your corporate style and that has the functionality to meet the needs of your customers.

Designed using the Catalog Builder® catalog design and management system, the final catalog we deliver to you won’t be “final” at all. Yes, it will be ready for output to paper, PDF, CD-ROM and web pages, but you’ll also be able to update it at any time and output new catalogs on the fly. You’ll even be able to produce “mini” catalogs from a subset of your catalog content to target special market segments or feature specific product lines.

Content – Based upon your requirements, we will build a catalog content database that is specific to your business – not a generic industry catalog. We acquire the content from our own repository of hundreds of thousands of part numbers, from your inventory management system and from outside sources. Then we work to make sure the content is clean, comprehensive and consistent.
  • Unique content development system – we cross-reference your part numbers with manufacturers’ part numbers, so you can automate pricing updates and use the content for purposes beyond the catalog like inventory management and eCommerce.
  • Fully attributed data – these aren’t your typical product descriptions. Each part in our content database is defined with multiple attributes. For example, an electric motor would feature information about RPMs, frame, volts, overload and so on, while furnace attributes would include BTUH, vent size, CFM and filter size.
  • Unlimited use – the content we deliver to you is yours to keep, modify and use for any number of sales and marketing purposes: catalogs, internal invoicing, product look-up, spec sheets, inventory management, websites, and more.