eCommerce21® syncs with Infor ERP SX.enterprise, automates management and improves usabililty of supplier's online store
Power equipment supplier estimates hundreds of data management hours saved.

Weingartz is a family owned outdoor power equipment supply business with four retail centers in the Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan areas. Thanks to their emphasis on expert service and an expansive parts inventory, the company has built a thriving local business selling both to other businesses and to homeowners looking for parts to fix their lawnmowers and snow blowers. Now owner Dan Weingartz is determined to deliver that same mix of expertise, service and broad parts availability to a much broader market via the company’s online store.

The Challenge

Weingartz implemented online ordering two years earlier, but the system they were using required a fair number of manual procedures. To keep things manageable, they only hosted a small percentage of their one million products online. Company management knew that to successfully expand their business beyond Michigan’s borders, they would have to make all one million parts available for internet ordering. Plus they needed to significantly upgrade the search functionality, organization and search engine rankings of their online parts store.

Built as an extension of their Infor SX.enterprise distribution management system, the company’s online store was lacking in both sophistication and automation. In order to accomplish their objectives, it was essential that Weingartz implement a new eCommerce system.

The Solution

Weingartz chose eCommerce21®, the storefront management system from Channel Software). eCommerce21® features an intuitive navigation system to help online customers quickly zero in on what they need, plus it integrates seamlessly with accounting and inventory management systems to reduce data entry requirements. Much more than just shopping cart technology, eCommerce21 includes content management, store management and internet marketing tools.

The Benefits


“We chose eCommerce21® for three primary reasons,” explained Weingartz. “First, eCommerce21® integrates with our Infor SX.enterprise distribution management system. That means that we can fully automate the porting of parts data, pricing and availability for over one million products from our backend system directly to our online store.” Weingartz figures eCommerce21® will save the company a couple hundred hours worth of data processing. That is on top of the ongoing maintenance savings, which could have otherwise amounted to a part time job.

User Interface

Second, Weingartz liked the way eCommerce21® provided the ability to categorize data in smart ways using filters and specifications. “The database organization gives customers lots of search flexibility, so they can easily figure out what part they need,” said Weingartz. That is especially important for online B2C sales, where shoppers have many other internet stores to choose from. Make it a pleasant shopping experience, and they will likely come back again.


The real clincher, according to Weingartz, was all about the people behind eCommerce21®. Other storefront management systems could have fulfilled Weingartz’ technical requirements, but none were backed by an organization with such a strong reputation for superior customer service. “We were impressed with the way the team at Channel Software responded to our questions about the product and to our specific requirements. They took the time to understand our needs and created a solution, without customizing, that provided all of the capabilities we were looking for.”

The Weingartz company is taking steps to become the online leader in power equipment parts supply. eCommerce21® is a key component of that business strategy which also includes broad reaching advertising campaigns, search engine optimization and a continued commitment to superior customer service.

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