Small Med Supply Company Sees Big Potential in Catalog Management Software
Mike Williams, CEO and president of California-based Medsolutions, has a tendency to take a hands-on approach to most things. That is why it came as no surprise when he decided to tackle the job of building the company’s medical supply catalog on his own.

"We're a small but growing business. As important as the catalog project was, I still didn’t want to dedicate staff time to working on it during business hours,” explained Williams. So he built it himself on the weekends and evenings. He did get a little help though, in the form of Catalog Builder® software and the support team at Channel Software.

Catalog Builder® is the ideal catalog design and management system for do-it-yourselfers. Its database driven system and professionally designed templates eliminate the need for programming and graphic design. From a single database, product information and images can be output as full-color printed catalogs, PDF files, dynamic CD-ROM catalogs, and even internet stores.

Williams used Catalog Builder® to create both PDF and printed catalogs that showcase the company’s core products, including medical equipment, mobility aids, and facility supplies (about 1,500 items).

“I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch, but I can fill in a spreadsheet,” said Williams. The fact that Catalog Builder® was easy to use and required minimal ramp up time was one reason Williams chose the software. Catalog Builder® can import data from any number of spreadsheet applications, databases, and inventory management systems, but (true to his nature) Williams gathered and entered all of the product data from scratch.

Another reason Williams chose Catalog Builder® was its attractive pricing structure. “It was the most affordable option that would meet our requirements,” Williams explained, “plus it provides plenty of capabilities that we’ve yet to tap.” Typically if software is robust enough for large or even mid-size enterprises then its price tag is out of reach to small businesses. But, because of its modular technology and a pricing structure based upon the number of SKU’s the software has to support, that’s not the case with Catalog Builder®.

Williams set up his catalog database, collected product details and images from manufacturers and partners to populate it, and defined his reports and catalog features. Whenever he got stuck he called in to Catalog Builder® Support. “My support rep at Channel Software was awesome,” he said.

It was a big undertaking, but Williams believes it was well worth the effort. “Now we can showcase and display the great products we sell to all of our audiences. We’ve had great feedback from our customers.”

If he had to do it over, would he still take the do-it-yourself approach? Absolutely. “I could have hired graphic designers, but then we wouldn’t have the control over our catalog that we have now, or the flexibility. For example, our logistics and management system will have great synergy with Catalog Builder®, allowing us to create a truly dynamic ordering system.”

“I think it’s going to have a huge impact on our business as we grow and diversify,” Williams concluded. “Catalog Builder® will help us get where we want to go.”

Medsolutions of Brentwood, CA supplies mobility aids and other medical equipment and services to doctors, nurses, case managers, medical professionals and consumers. For more information, visit or call (800) 346-1646.

Channel Software develops and markets Catalog Builder® and eCommerce21® software, Catalog-Ready Content, and a suite of services to businesses around the world that want to present and manage their product information in more efficient and innovative ways. For more information visit, or call 1-888-786-3487.