Channel Software Software Seamlessly Integrates eCommerce with Infor SX.Enterprise
Results include streamlined business operations and web stores that impress.

"I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.” That’s how one customer described her experience with the new web store at Dorfin, a Montreal, Canada-based supplier of industrial packaging and consumer products.

Beryl Aranoff, Dorfin’s IT Director and part owner, was aiming for just that kind of a response when she set out to revamp the company’s catalog and eCommerce systems. The “green friendly” consumable products division at Dorfin had an eCommerce system in place for years, but it provided little more than shopping cart capability. “The usability just wasn’t there,” explained Aranoff. “We wanted to provide our customers with an eCommerce interface that was as robust and user friendly as any they’d find on the web.”

"It is very important to us that our eCommerce and back end systems be integrated so we so we wouldn't need to maintian more than one database and rekey our oneline orders."

- Beryl Aranoff, Director of IT

They achieved that objective and more with eCommerce21® from Channel Software. eCommerce21® provides all the necessary shopping cart capabilities, plus content management, store management, and valuable internet marketing tools. Now it’s easy for Dorfin to provide its customers with detailed product information, pictures, and everything else they need to make their online purchases.

eCommerce21® features an intuitive navigation system to help customers quickly zero in on what they need, whether there are a few thousand products or tens of thousands to choose from. Plus, eCommerce21® integrates with popular accounting and inventory management systems like Infor SX.enterprise and Mincron systems, so online visitors always get the latest pricing and availability information.

Back-end system integration was a significant factor in Dorfin’s decision to use eCommerce21®. “It was very important to us that our eCommerce and back end systems be integrated so we wouldn’t need to maintain more than one database and rekey our online orders,” explained Aranoff.

Dorfin streamlined things even further by implementing another Channel Software product, Catalog Builder®, to design and manage their print catalogs in-house. Catalog Builder® software automates the process of designing and managing catalogs for output in multiple formats including print, Adobe PDF files, and interactive CD-ROM. Now Dorfin’s catalog, web store, and inventory management system all pull data from a single source, resulting in highly streamlined operations.

“Thanks to the outstanding service and training provided by Channel Software throughout the implementation, it’s been a very positive experience with great results. Now I’m excited to roll out eCommerce21® to our Industrial Packaging Products division as well,” concluded Aranoff.

Channel Software develops and markets Catalog Builder® and eCommerce21® software, Catalog-Ready Content, and a suite of services to businesses around the world that want to present and manage their product information in more efficient and innovative ways. For more information visit or call 1-888-786-3487.