Conely Company Finds Great Value in Channel Software Solutions
Increasing Profit Margin

“We are not quite sure how we presented all this information in the past without this type of technology.” - Trevor Kinzer, Conely Company.

Conely Company, a distributor of pool/spa equipment and supplies, piping and irrigation equipment, was founded in 1955. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Conely Company is a growing business; the opportunity to gain admittance to industry buying groups was by fueled Channel Software solutions and has created increased sales both regionally and nationally. Conely Company began working with Channel Software in 2004, found great benefit and has not looked back since.

After reviewing many alternatives Conely Company found Channel Software’s solutions to be easiest to manage content and use. Conely Company maintains a catalog and web-storefront of thousands of products, each of which carry unique specifications required by customers; this is where Channel Software separated itself from the competition. The robust Channel Software’s database could handle a multitude of products and the corresponding specifications that are crucial to Conely Company’s business and played a deciding role in their decision. The ability to attach additional documents to products and product categories was something else that truly excited Conely Company.

Conely Company had a website prior to beginning its partnership with Channel Software but they wanted more. eCommerce21® offered by Channel Software gave Conely Company customers the ability to search products and specifications right on the website. This is something customers had never been able to do before; the response has been nothing but exceptional. The ability to search for products with a Google like reference search, view multiple image sizes and additional documents by customers has translated to sales for Conely Company.

Increased Sales/Decreased Costs

Through the use of Channel Software’s solutions, Conely Company has experienced both an increase in sales, due to the advanced customer features, and a decrease in labor costs, due of the intuitive management interface. Conely Company found great value and increased sales through the use of eCommerce21® because of the up to the minute product content it could deliver to customers. The advanced content on the web-storefront also lightened the workload on the Conely Company sales staff, requiring them to hire less new employees.

In addition to the increase in sales, Conely Company has seen a decrease in cost of production. The ease of producing professional quality catalogs through the print module of CatalogBuilder®, which uses the same database, has saved Conely Company thousands of dollars in both labor and printing cost.

Conely Company has presented all of their products to the public via their web-storefront since they went live. Conely Company, however, continues to evolve their web-storefront experience through eCommerce21® with plans to integrate a log-in to provide up live specific pricing through integration. Conely Company expects customer satisfaction to continue to increase as they are able to implement more and more features of the eCommerce21® module.

“Once you put the work in to enter all of your product information and data, it is easy to maintain and update”, said Trevor Kinzer of Conely Company. When asked if Conely Company would recommend Channel Software’s solutions to other business, they responded with a resounding “Yes!"