A Simpler eCommerce Solution for FACTS Users

Total Maintenance Solutions Reduces Workload

"The response from our beta test customer has been positive with great customer feedback and anticipated results." - Brandi Marshall, Total Maintenance Solutions.

Total Maintenance Solutions (TMS), a distributor of specialty and hard-to-find plumbing parts and accessories headquartered in Greenville, SC started through a merger of three organizations in 2007. The combined experience of these industry experts has given TMS the unique ability to provide customers exactly what they need quickly and easily.

After nearly a two year search to identify the best solution for their needs, Total Maintenance Solutions selected Channel Software' eCommerce21®. TMS has been utilizing the eCommerce21® software for nearly a year. When TMS decided to replace their existing eCommerce solution they wanted to resolve the shortcomings of their previous solution which included manually maintaining and updating content in addition to an ineffective integration with FACTS.

Reducing Manual Labor Costs

Through their extensive search for a new eCommerce solution that would integrate with FACTS, TMS found eCommerce21®, and became Channel Software' first FACTS Customer. The ability to cut down manual workload was a leading factor for TMS in the decision making process. After installing and implementing the product, TMS found eCommerce21® to be exceedingly user friendly during the initial upload and updating product information and content. In addition, the automatically sized & scaled images in conjunction with the fluid FACTS integration has greatly reduced time spent manually modifying Total Maintenance Solutions South's web storefront.

After importing their data from FACTS using the integration feature of eCommerce21®, the TMS staff have taken the time to make the eCommerce21® software their own to create their ideal web storefront. While creating their web storefront TMS found the eCommerce21® software to be intuitive by design and easy to learn. In addition, TMS found the eCommerce21® interface to be user-friendly not only for customers of their web storefront but also for administrators when making changes or updates. TMS has also taken advantage of the ability to create custom landing pages to provide customers with customer specific content and a better overall web experience.

Excellent Customer Experience and Feedback

During the short time Total Maintenance Solutions has been using eCommerce21® the feedback from customers has been nothing but positive. The superior experience and ease of use TMS customers have taken advantage of has translated to more frequent purchases from the TMS web storefront. TMS looks to sustain and further the success of their web storefront moving forward by continually implementing the many features and attributes within the eCommerce21® software designed to improve user experience.

The positive experience TMS has had including the ability to customize their web storefront, integrate live with FACTS and the helpful support staff at Channel Software has only served to signify that eCommerce21® was the best solution for Total Maintenance Solutions South. When asked about eCommerce21® for other organizations Brandi Marshall from TMS stated, "We would definitely recommend eCommerce21® to another company looking to offer a customized web storefront and minimize time spent manually updating and maintaining it; for FACTS users especially, it is the best eCommerce solution we found to efficiently integrate our ERP system into our web storefront."