Buttery Company Discovers Economy of Multiple Channel Software Products

“We have seen approximately a 40% jump in web storefront traffic since we began using eCommerce21” – William Buttery, Buttery Company

Buttery Company, a Texas based company has been a full line distributor of hardware for over a hundred years. In 2010 Buttery was looking for ways to improve their print catalog and turned to Channel Software’s Catalog Builder® software.

In 2013 Buttery Company was ready to replace their existing eCommerce module because the slow speed and lack of information on their web storefront was hindering the user experience. During their search for a new eCommerce solution, the features atop their list of must haves were live pricing, real-time inventory levels, quick order entry, customer price downloads, customer specific account history, and the ability for sales personnel to view and place orders for only their customers. After evaluating and comparing eCommerce solutions, Buttery Co. chose eCommerce21® from Channel Software.

The Economy of Multiple Channel Software Products

Buttery Company’s desire to quickly implement a new eCommerce solution was made much easier through the shared databases of eCommerce21® and the Catalog Builder® software. Buttery Co. had previously spent both time and resources to perfect and personalize their print catalog data in Channel Software’s database system. This included adding supplemental longer product descriptions, units of measurement, discount quantities, and categorizing products into a specified database category structure. The shared database of eCommerce21® and Catalog Builder® also allowed Buttery Company to be able to capitalize and take advantage of their previous purchase and effort.

Buttery Company was excited to begin utilizing their new web storefront but wanted to avoid the pitfall of moving too quickly to a new web storefront that could contain potential problems. Through the help of the Channel Software support staff, a beta website was offered to a select group of customers and salesmen to test, while keeping their existing website online. This allowed the new eCommerce21® based web storefront to be rolled out with very few issues. Shortly after the roll-out, Buttery Company installed Channel Software’s Micro-Website Module for an upcoming Road Show. This module permitted customers to enter their Road Show orders and get the special pricing that was being offered during it. Buttery continues to strive to improve customer experience by updating existing content, adding new content, and implementing new features; many of which come from their users.

Increase in Web Storefront Traffic

Customers showed immediate, high interest and soon an increasing number of customers began utilizing Buttery Company’s new web storefront. Buttery Company has seen nothing but positive response from customers with regard to their new web storefront. In fact, the traffic Buttery Company sees to their web storefront is about 40% higher than it was before they began using the eCommerce21® software and they expect it to continue to increase as the demand for B2B websites increase.

Buttery Company found it easy to implement the eCommerce21 software; the established relationship with Channel Software and prior use of Catalog Builder software simplified the process. William Buttery stated, “I recommend the eCommerce21 software, particularly in conjunction with the Catalog Builder software. We had a positive experience with the software and the responsive Channel Software support staff in both projects.”